How to open U disk under Win7 system


U disk often has some problems in the process of using it, which makes us unable to use the U disk normally. However, these problems have corresponding solutions for us to find. If we encounter a situation where the U disk cannot be opened, what should I do?


1. The most direct cause of the U disk being unable to open is the file system corruption. A common method for this is to repair the disk. Right-click on "Removable Disk" and select "Properties" from the pop-up context menu.

2. Then switch to the "Tools" tab in the open window, click the "Check for Start Check" button, select both items in the pop-up window, and finally click the "Start" button to check And fix the disk error. After the repair is complete, you can try to open the USB flash drive!

3. When the above method cannot open the USB flash drive, it is recommended to format the USB flash drive. Right-click on "Removable Disk" and select the "Format" item in the pop-up context menu. In the "Formatting" window that opens, uncheck "Quick Format" and click the "Start" button.

4. After the above operation, if the USB flash drive still cannot be opened normally, try to swap the USB flash drive into a USB interface. Also make sure that the computer mobile storage related settings option is not disabled. Specific viewing and setting methods: Open the "Run" dialog box, enter the command "gpedit.msc" to enter the Group Policy Manager.

5. In the Group Policy Manager window, click on "Manage Modules" → "System" → "Removable Storage Access", make sure "Removable Disk: Reject Read Permission" and "All" on the right Removable Disk: Deny Read Permissions Both are set to Not Configured or Disabled. If not, double-click the corresponding item, check the “Disabled” item in the pop-up window and click “OK”.

Here you have completed the steps to repair the USB flash drive. After the repair, you can try to see if the USB flash drive can be opened normally. Of course, sometimes the situation that the U disk cannot be opened is caused by more complicated reasons. At that time, we need to carry out a deeper troubleshooting.

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