Some problems affecting the normal installation of Win7 system

With the delisting of Windows XP system, more and more users have chosen to install a relatively stable and relatively mature Windows 7 system, but in the process of installation, they have encountered many problems, resulting in the win7 system can not be successfully installed, in order to understand the user Doubt, let's share with you the reasons why win7 can't be installed.
1, compatibility issues:
Some computers are too old, the hardware on the computer does not support win7, this time the installation will be wrong. This is no way, only change the computer. But it rarely happens.
2, the installation file problem:
Some website installation system files are not complete, or there is a problem when downloading. At this time, there will be failures during the installation process. It is recommended to download the system files in a better place. This will not happen with this problem.
3, insufficient space:
Installing win7 requires a minimum of 512MB of memory and about 25GB of hard disk space. If it is less than this, it will not win4.
4, the installation suddenly stops halfway:
At this time you can try to reinstall, if there is such a problem, then you have to write down the wrong garbled, and then go to Microsoft to query what is wrong.

above is the cause of several windows7 system can not be installed, and from the analysis point of view, these factors not only the system itself is the problem, there are user error problems, understand these reasons after I believe that the user's doubts about the inability to install the win7 system have been solved.
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