How to quickly use Win7 system screenshot tool


Under normal circumstances, users will use the QQ software to take screenshots. If there is no network connection, no QQ, how can users take screenshots through the system's own screenshot tool? In fact, in win7 system There is a very easy to use screenshot tool, just a very troublesome call, so let's teach you a convenient way to quickly call the screenshot tool.

Convenient use of Win 7 screenshot tool small Raiders:

1. First click Start - all programs.

2. Find the attachment and open it.

3. Right click on the screenshot tool and select Properties.

4. Click on the shortcut and see the address in the target bar. We copy this address.

5. Right click on the desktop and select New - Shortcut.

6. In the pop-up dialog box, enter the address you just copied.

7. Name this shortcut as a screenshot tool. Click Finish. We've built a shortcut to the screenshot tool.

This basically completes our mission. The screenshot tool can be launched directly on the desktop. If you want to use the screenshot tool more conveniently, you need to set it further:

8. Right-click on the shortcut of the screenshot tool and select Properties.

9. Set shortcuts in the shortcuts field to set them according to your own habits. Click OK. When you need to call the screenshot tool, just press the shortcut button to take a screenshot.

I believe many users do not know that there is such a screenshot tool under the win7 system, or know it but it is rarely used, because it is more troublesome to use. But after the above operation, you don't have to worry about trouble anymore. With shortcuts and shortcuts, we can easily launch this screenshot tool.

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