Introduction to IIS server method under Win7 system


The use of the Web server allows users to share resources in the LAN. With the Web server, users can upload their own information to the server, which not only realizes sharing, but also effectively synchronizes information. A good information platform. So under the windows7 system, how do users successfully implement the construction of the web server?

Steps for building a web server in windows7:

1. Open the control panel, select and enter the "program". Double-click "Turn Windows Service On or Off", select all the options under "Internet Information Service" in the pop-up window, click OK, and start to update the service.

2. After the update is complete, open the browser and type "http://localhost/" to enter. If the IIS7 welcome screen appears at this time, the web server has been successfully built.

3. When the web server is built successfully, what we need to do next is to install the website we developed into the directory of the web server. Under normal circumstances, when the web server is installed, the path "% system root directory %inetpub/wwwroot" will be created, and the website we developed will be COPY to the path. Local access to the site is now possible.

4. Set up a firewall so that the LAN can access local website resources when other computers. Specific method: Open the control panel, select "System and Security", click "Allow program to pass Windows Firewall", in the pop-up dialog box, select the two check boxes to the right of "World Wide Web Service HTTP", and finally click OK to exit.

5. On other computers in the LAN, open a browser and type "http://web server IP address/" and press Enter to access the resources on the server.

This is an era of the Internet. This is an era of information. In an open platform, the exchange of information is very important. After a simple setup of the above steps, users on the LAN can access it through a browser. Shared resources on the web server.

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