Win7 system uses XP virtual mode problem solution


Nowadays, there are many users who use win7 system, but some users have older machines, then they want to install win7 system, then they can use Win7 32-bit Ultimate system. XP virtual mode not only solves the compatibility problem of the old software, but also can play the new features of Win7. It is a highlight of the Win7 system, bringing users two operating experiences of XP and Win7. But one user has encountered the problem of XP virtual mode failure, what should I do? Win7 system users who have encountered this problem, please take a look at the following reasons analysis and solution. The specifics are as follows:

1. XP virtual mode requires CPU support. The method to detect whether the CPU meets the virtualization requirements is: Microsoft's hardware virtualization aids to check and detect.

2, virtualization function is not activated: AMD-V, Intel VT, VIA VT virtualization function is activated in the motherboard settings;

3, some OEMs for security reasons, XP virtual mode is disabled. Users can use the firewall to see if they are banned.

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