Windows 7 Calculator and Clock Special Usage

Win7 pays attention to every detail and is very comprehensive for the user. Today we are talking about the Windows 7 calculator and clock. In Win7, these two functions are no longer single. What are the magical uses? First, let's take a look at the Win7 calculator.

Win7 pays attention to every detail and is very comprehensive for the user. Today we are talking about the Windows 7 calculator and clock. In Win7, these two functions are no longer single. What are the magical uses? First, let's take a look at the mystery of the Win7 calculator. It is separate from the single calculator service of the previous system. What other functions does it have? Below we will unveil the mystery of the calculator in the Win7 system. Let's left click on the Start button of the Win7 system, place the mouse "all programs" “—“attachments”—“calculators”, then left click “calculator”.

Through the open calculator interface, you will find that the Win7 system calculator and WinXP calculator are still slightly different, especially the Win7 calculator has a cool and exquisite visual effect, showing a more concise Generous beauty. The appearance of the performance is only one aspect of the Win7 calculator, we can not be limited to the surface of the effort, but should also explore the function of the Win7 calculator. In addition to the "standard type" and "scientific" strategy, Win7's calculator also has "programmer", "statistics" algorithm mode, more advanced.

It is worth mentioning that Win7's calculator also has a variety of practical calculation tools such as date calculation, unit conversion, worksheet (car rental, mortgage, fuel consumption). So how do you get the calculation mode you need? We can select the calculation mode from the “View” menu of the Win7 calculator, and also switch by the shortcut key “Alt+Number1/2/3/4” It's convenient and fast! You may have questions about the role of the calculation mode? Here we understand where the special features of different modes are?

Users can use the calculator in scientific mode to accurately calculate the results. To 32-bit numbers, and using operator precedence, the results are more precise and diverse. Through the programmer mode, the calculator that everyone feels can be accurate to 64 digits. The exact number of digits is determined by the selected word size, and the operator priority can also be used. It is worth mentioning that the programmer mode is just an integer mode, and the fractional part will be discarded. In the statistics mode, the data is displayed in the history area, and the value of the input data is displayed in the calculation area. As for the "Unit Conversion" function of the Win7 calculator, the user only needs to select the unit type to be converted by left-clicking on the three types, and then select the unit type to be converted, followed by < ; Enter the value to be converted from the & rdquo; box, the convenience is self-evident. I believe that some users still need Win7 calculator car rental, calculate the mortgage amount and fuel consumption, left click on the "View" menu, point the mouse to "Worksheet", and then select the worksheet you need, just need to be simple The operation can realize the calculation of fuel economy, rent and mortgage amount, which is simple and convenient. Finally, the Win7 calculator also has a "History", "Digital Grouping" function, "History", which can track and record all calculations performed by the calculator in a session, available in standard mode. In the scientific model. “View”>Digital grouping" in the menu can automatically add the integer part of the data to the three-digit group of placeholders, “, to bring you a more intuitive and clearer digital display. The next thing to say is the Win7 clock. Unlike other Windows systems, Win7 no longer simply displays the system time in the lower right corner of the screen, but also displays multiple time zones at the same time. For frequent business trips, maybe today in China, tomorrow. As far as users in New York are concerned, the service brought by this function is not ordinary intimate! We only need to make simple settings! Click the time display area with the left mouse button and click “ in the pop-up dialog box to change the date and time. Settings & rdquo;. Then the “Date and Time” dialog box will pop up. In this dialog box, select the “Additional Clock” option. Under this tab, there will be two clock settings, which means we can set two different additional clocks. . We only need to check "Show this clock", then select the desired time zone in the down menu in the "Select time zone", then enter the display name and click the "Apply" button to ok.
After the clock is set, we only need to click the time and date display area again with the mouse. The additional time zone time we set will automatically appear without any operation, which is very convenient and quick to use. Compared with the previous Windows XP and other old versions of the operating system, Win7 clock function brings more user-friendly performance, not only has a beautiful interface, convenient operation mode, but also has a clock-like efficient performance. Although the Windows 7 calculator and clock are just a small function, but also can make Win7 a lot of color, but also bring you more comprehensive, user-friendly use, this is Microsoft's performance for the users.

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