How to open the cfg file under Win7 system?


During the process of using Win7 system, some users found a file with the suffix cfg. When the double-click is opened, the system prompts: “Windows cannot open this file”, what file is cfg? How to open it? In fact, the opening method is very simple, let's take a look at it.

What is cfg file?

cfg is mostly a software configuration file, the format is still a text file, and txt is different, the grid is distinguished by the cfg suffix, and many software require configuration files. As we often see the Thunder download file, when there is no download completed, a cfg format file will be generated. Some software is also configured with a cfg file.

How to open the cfg file?

The cgf file can be opened by using Notepad. Right click on the file and select Open as Notepad to open the cfg file.

These are under Win7 operating system to open the file cfg method, the method is very simple, with an interest in partner cfg file that can be opened by the above method.

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