How to replace the login interface in Win7 system?


Friends who have used Win7 system for a long time are used to the default blue login interface. Although it is used to it, I believe many of my friends think this interface looks very monotonous. I want to tell everyone that this login interface is actually Can be replaced, the following teaches you how to replace the system login interface.

First of all, we still take a look at the commonly used Win7 login interface, Wannian blue, maybe you want to replace it after reading this tutorial!

How to modify the Win7 login interface:

1. Press the “Win+R” key combination to open the run box, type “regedit”, and click “OK”.

2, I told you the above running command yesterday, it is the meaning of opening the registry editor. Then we expand the registry in turn:


3, find “OEMBackground” on the right side, double click For this value, change the value of “Value Data” to “1”, click “OK”. Note: If there is no "OEMBackground", you can create a new one.

4, open the Windows → System32 & rarr; oobe directory under the C drive.

5. Create a folder named "info" in this directory.

6. Open the “info” folder and create a folder named “backgrounds”. Adjust the background image of the JPG format we want to use as the login interface to 1024× 768 pixels, put it in this folder, and rename it to backgroundDefault.jpg.

Note: The size of the image must be controlled within 250KB; otherwise the background image of the modified login interface will not display properly!

7, restart the computer, you can see the effect of the adjustment!

The above change login interface tutorial is only applicable to Win7 system. Friends who use Win10 system should not use this method to change, so as to avoid system problems. There is also the above folder to be selected correctly, if there is no specific folder, there is no way to replace the login interface.

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