What is the recycler in Win7 system? Can I delete it?


When we open the Win7 computer hard drive, we will find a recycler folder. I don't know what the recycler is and can delete it. For such a situation, many users are not very familiar with it. If it is deleted, it will have an impact on the operation of the system. What is the recycler in the Win7 system? Can I delete it? Here is a small series and everyone to talk about what files in the Win7 system recycler!

steps are as follows:

a, recycler what file

hard disk partition after each letter are retained as part of the Recycle Bin is a temporary storage place. This is the name. Usually delete the files of the recycle bin are actually dragged to the folder of the corresponding drive letter, and have not been completely deleted before.

In the Windows system, the user will automatically create a recycle bin folder. When partitioning the file system NTFS, the file will be saved in the RECYCLER folder.

This folder is a hidden folder protected by the system. All folders cannot be deleted. If the user deletes the folder, the system will still create a new RECYCLER folder for you.

If the computer kills the RECYCLER folder and is poisoned, then display the hidden file of the computer, and then delete all the files in the RECYCLER folder. Then restart the computer and hold down the F8 key to enter the safe mode to kill the computer virus, and finally remove the virus after the completion.

Second, can the recycler folder be deleted?

If there is this folder in the hard disk partition of the computer, then this is the folder of the recycle bin, which cannot be deleted, but the contents can be deleted.

If there is a folder in the U disk or MP3, it means that the U disk or MP3 contains the virus, delete this file directly and use the anti-virus software to clean the virus.

The operation of deleting files is actually the command system to transfer the files you deleted to the RECYCLER folder. Only when you perform the operation of emptying the recycle bin, the files are actually deleted from the hard disk. You can delete the RECYCLER folder, but when you delete other files, the system will generate a RECYCLER folder to load the files you deleted, so it will pop up after you delete the RECYCLER folder. The desktop recycle bin can be said to be a special shortcut. It points to the RECYCLER folder of each partition and can operate these RECYCLER folders uniformly. The RECYCLER folder is a system folder and is hidden and will not affect. Go to your daily operations. Leave it alone.

About the recycler in Win7 system, what documents are introduced to you here; after reading the above content, I believe everyone should understand it! In fact, it is one of the folders in the Windows operating system that stores deleted files.

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