Win7 failed to create a video preview. Please check how the device connection is resolved?


When I open the camera on my computer, I am prompted to "create a video preview, please check the device connection", but you can pass the QQ video. What is going on? Recently, users of Win7 systems have encountered such a situation. How do you solve such a problem? Now Xiaobian will talk to you about Win7 failed to create a video preview, please check the solution of the device connection.

The method is as follows:

1. Check the method, place the mouse on the “My Computer” on the desktop, click the right mouse button and select “Manage” & then “Service” And the application & rdquo; then find & ldquo; service ie & rdquo; can be as follows:

2, as shown above, click & ldquo; service & rdquo; after the display of various types of computer service items on the right, and then in these services Inside, find the "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)" service, double-click the left mouse button, pop-up property information, as shown below:

3, as shown above, Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) & rdquo; service is generally enabled by default If it is not enabled, it should be set to the automatic default as shown in the above figure. If the problem is not solved, then the following settings are the key.

If the above steps are not found, then you should enter the most critical one. The camera related components have been fixed. Many times you may have installed a video card driver or installed a software. If the camera fails and the video preview is not created, the following fixes can generally be resolved.

1. Click on “Start”Menu—"Select"Run”—" Enter “cmd” in the run, click OK to open the command prompt.

2.: Enter regsvr32 Quartz.dll in the cmd command prompt, press Enter to confirm, then the system will prompt "Quartz.dll DLLRegisterServer success", do not close the cmd command window. Continue to step 3;

4, then enter regsvr32 Proppage.dll in the cmd command prompt, press Enter to confirm, then the system will prompt "Proppage.dll DLLRegisterServer success", still Do not close the cmd command window, continue to the fourth step;

5, the same again in the cmd command box, enter regsvr32 directSpy.dll press Enter to confirm, after the system prompts "ldS; directSpy.dll DLLRegisterServer Success & rdquo;, after the cmd operation is over, we can close the cmd command window;

Tip: If the system prompts "LoadLibrary (“Proppage.dll”) failed - the specified module could not be found" , indicating that the Proppage.dll file is missing or does not exist, please Baidu search <;Proppage.dll download”, the downloaded "Proppage.dll" file to C:\\windows\\sy In the stem32 directory, re-execute the third step.

Step 4: Still enter "ldsvr32 directSpy.dll" in cmd (without quotes), press Enter, the system prompts "ldScript; DLLRegisterServer in directSpy.dll succeeds", and finally Close the cmd window;

6. Check if hardware acceleration is enabled. If you turn on hardware acceleration, it may take up the camera program. Therefore, you need to turn off the hardware acceleration by clicking the right mouse button &mdash in the blank space of the desktop. — "Select “Properties"—— "Pop-up "Show Properties" window to switch to “Set“ tab——" Click on the bottom right “Advanced”—&mdash ;" Click on the "Troubleshooting" tab ——" pull the slider to the left, and adjust the middle "hardware acceleration (H)" to "ld"; no "——" Click OK to exit ;

About Win7 failed to create a video preview Please check the device connection solution for everyone to introduce it here. If you have any problems with the above problems, you may wish to try the above methods, I hope to help you!

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