How can I solve the problem that the Win7 computer cannot access the Internet?


The Win7 system is a system that is used by many people, but sometimes there are some problems when the system cannot be connected to the network after installation. If the network does not go, it is a very sad reminder, it will be the same as the world. The problem of how the computer can't access the Internet, how should we deal with it? Now Xiaobian will talk to you about the solution that Win7 computer can't access the Internet.

The steps are as follows:

First, the automatic diagnosis method

1, even not online, we should first think of whether some of the system's settings have problems, then we It is necessary to set the system network connection accordingly.

Right-click on our network icon to open the Network Sharing Center and see what happens to our network connection.

2, the first in the network sharing center is the schematic diagram of our current network connection, check the problem at that location.

A yellow exclamation point or a red cross is usually found where there is a problem with the connection.

3. Click on the yellow exclamation mark or the red cross. Our system will automatically detect the problem for us. Wait for a while and the result will come out. If the problem can be solved, the system will also give a prompt. .

4, the system prompts can not be repaired, but in fact our problem has been solved, you can connect again.

Second, manual modification

1, if the automatic repair is still not possible, it is that our network connection settings need to be manually set some.

Also open our Network Sharing Center, there is an option to manage the adapter on the left, click to enter.

2, inside we can see the adapter open state used by all the network connections in our computer. Right click, first we choose the diagnostic operation to see if it can be repaired normally.

Note that the adapter to choose the diagnosis is what we need to use, such as the network cable is the local connection, wireless is the wireless network.

3. After the diagnosis, we need to disable it and restart it.

Third, modify the TCP /IP protocol

1, the current network is currently automatically obtained, if we accidentally set it to a fixed, it is easy to make mistakes, resulting in the network can not be connected Case. So the network can't connect, first check our network IP settings.

Right click on the computer —— click on the network name.

2. Select Properties ——TCP/IP……4, double-click to open, set the IP and the following DNS to be automatically obtained.

3, special attention:

If your computer is using a local connection, and you have just done the system, then you must call your service provider to request to re-open the network connection. Otherwise you are not connected.

The NIC driver must be sure that the installation is correct. There is not much to say here. If the driver is not installed correctly, then you will not need to go online.

Fourth, software repair

1, we can also use the software to repair, 360 has a good repair function, here take it as an example.

2, open 360 software, there is a computer rescue, there are various repair methods on the network, you can use this to quickly fix your network problems.

The Win7 computer can't access the Internet to give you a detailed introduction. If you are using a computer, you will suddenly encounter a network, and you can solve the problem by the above method! This will immediately resume your online access.

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