How to solve the problem that there is nothing on the desktop after Win7 boot?


I believe that everyone has encountered a computer after booting up, the desktop is nothing, very clean. Generally speaking, the Win7 system computer will display the desktop after booting normally, but if the desktop is not displayed, it is nothing more than the cause of the setting, the system itself and the poisoning. If you are not sure, you can try it one by one. How can you solve such a problem? Download and let me talk about how to solve the problem of nothing on the desktop after Win7 boot.

The steps are as follows:

1. This is my desktop, and everyone can see nothing.

2. The reason is that there is a problem with the explorer in the process. You can see it by right-clicking on the shortcut bar and selecting Task Manager.

3. We can choose to turn him off, don't worry.

4, after the explorer process is turned off, how to open it again. Ctrl+alt+delete or ctrl+alt+. Can be summoned quickly, well, we open the new task in the lower right corner.

5. Re-enter the explorer and click OK. How about, the desktop will come along!

About how to solve the problem that Win7 has nothing on the desktop after booting, I will give you a detailed introduction here. My computer has been used for a long time and there will always be such problems. The most common problem is that the computer does not display the desktop after booting. Don't worry if you have such a problem. Just follow the above steps to solve it.

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