How can I solve the problem that Win7 can't start Windows Audio service?


How can I solve the problem that Win7 can't start Windows Audio service? In the process of using Win7 system, we sometimes encounter problems that Windows Audio service can't start. Windows Audio service manages audio devices based on Windows programs. If the service is terminated, the audio device and its sound effects will not work properly.

1. Press “WIN+R”Open “Run” window, enter: regsvr32 audiosrv.dll command and press Enter to run.

2, appears Tip: already loaded c: \\ windows \\ system32 \\ audiosrv.dll this file, but could not find Dllregisterserver input point, the file can not be registered;

3, opened again & ldquo; run & rdquo; window, press enter, open the registry editor running regedit enter command;

4, in the open & ldquo; & rdquo registry editor In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Microsoft\\WindowsNT\\CurrentVersion\\Svchost\ etsvcs, double-click in the default item, type "AudioSrv" in the open data value and press OK.

5, this time to the service manager in, open your Windows Audio service, open piece of music a try.

If the above method does not solve the problem, you can also try the following method:

After the above operation, if the fault persists, it means that the audiosrv.dll file is not damaged, we can try Restart the Windows Audio service.

1. Click on “Control Panel"——“All Control Panel”——“Administrative Tools”——“Service”—— & ldquo; windows audio & rdquo ;;

2, right windows audio select properties, switch to the & ldquo; conventional & rdquo; tag & rarr; & ldquo; startup type & rdquo ;, provided & ldquo; automatic & rdquo; & rarr; & ldquo; Start ”→“Apply”→“OK”

These are the solutions Win7 not start when Windows Audio service, for your reference!

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