Where is the Win7 firewall set up? How to set up a firewall in Win7 system?


Some Win7 users don't know the exact location of the firewall, so they don't know where to set up the firewall. In fact, the way Win7 opens the firewall is very simple, Win7 firewall is in the control panel. Let me explain to you how to set up a firewall for Win7 system.

Method Steps:

1. Click [Start] in the lower left corner of the desktop, and click [Control Panel] in the pop-up window.

2, then select [View Network Status and Tasks] under "Network and Internet" in the Control Panel.

3. In the new window, select [Windows Firewall] in the lower left corner.

4. Next, in the left sidebar of the selection form, select [Turn Windows Firewall on or off].

5, finally choose to open or close according to your needs, and then [confirm]

The above is where the Win7 firewall is opened and how the firewall is set up, know the firewall The specific path, we can choose to close or enable the firewall.

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