How does the Win7 system use the journal document to enter text?


The Win7 system uses a lot of Word or text documents for recording text. In fact, there is a diary document in .jut format under Win7. But most people are relatively new to this. In fact, typing in the diary document is also very convenient. Let me introduce the use of the diary document.

Diary Description:

The diary document in Win7 is entered via the mouse or tablet. The diary is designed for users who use the touchpad Windows, especially for Surface users. In the interface, we can see that there is a small black dot on the grid line. This black dot is equivalent to the tip of the stylus. The user of the mobile device can quickly write down what he thinks by using the “diary”. Write the same on paper materials. If you're a desktop user, this feature is of course superfluous, because using a mouse to manipulate such software can be very laborious.

If you want to use the keyboard to input Chinese, you need to click on the <quo;insert”——“text box” in the taskbar, and then enter the Chinese characters in the inserted text box.

diary document use:

1, is inserted & mdash; text box;

2, the input text.

These are the Win7 system instructions on how to use the diary of this document, has been introduced in the diary typing method of this document, and we can try this diary of this document, maybe you will like it.

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