How to rename multiple files at the same time in Win7


Some files under Win7 system may be a series, which can be arranged in numerical order. But if you rename these files one by one, it is cumbersome to operate. So how does Win7 rename multiple files at the same time?

Specific method

1. When saving a file, you can use the system to automatically assign a name to the method, that is, what name the system displays when saving, let it default the name, such a name It will not be renamed, and it will be saved quite quickly.

2, the selected folder need to rename all files, press the key combination ctrl + a line, and then press F2 of, next enter the name of the desired setting, after the name of the self system will Assign numbers.

These are the Win7 Batch Rename files, as long as select multiple files, the first file to make changes to the back of the file will automatically renamed.

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