Win7 system to set the Windows service startup item order skills


Many users know that part of the service startup items are system-dependent and cannot be disabled. In fact, the order of these startup items can be set according to their own needs. The following small series teaches you how to set up the Win7 system.

1. First press the win+R shortcut on the keyboard to open the running window of the computer. Then enter regedit in the open running window and click Enter. This will open the Registry Editor window. It is.

2. In the open Registry Editor window, click to expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\ SYSTEM \\ CurrentControlSet \\ Control \\ ServiceGroupOrder in the left menu.

3. come to the right window, find a blank space, right click and select New - string value, and the value named list, double-click the file to open the list, the pop-up to In the edit window, in the numerical data, you can make a sequence table of startup items in the order you like.

is set above tips windows startup items and services in order Win7 system, the user can set according to their needs, you can avoid this mistake when using the service startup items.

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