What should I do if the Win7 system desktop recycle bin displays an error?


We all know that there are different icons in the system desktop recycle bin when there are files and no files, and the desktop recycle bin under the Win7 system shows a problem. When the junk files are emptied, the recycle bin still shows the appearance of the files. Can not be refreshed in time, how to solve this problem?

Cause Analysis:

This type of failure is caused by some optimizations of the desktop icon by the user. Click “Restore Defaults  After resetting the desktop icon, the above sticking occurs when the icon is updated. Re-selecting the corresponding icon will almost solve the problem.

To do the following:

1, select & ldquo when you click a blank place on the desktop, right-click menu appears right mouse button; personalized & rdquo ;;

2, then click on personalized interface to the left of & ldquo; change desktop icons & rdquo; option;

3, select the icon below the area of ​​the & ldquo; Recycle Bin (full) & rdquo ;, then click & ldquo; change icon ” button;
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