Causes and solutions for noise generated by the host under Win7 system


Many users who use desktop computers should have encountered a large sound when the Win7 system starts up. After entering the system, the host sound becomes smaller. But every time you press the button to turn on the power, the sound of the main unit is particularly large, and sometimes the sound does not continue to fall. So what is the reason for this? Why is the host sound so big? how should I solve this? The following are some of the causes and solutions for noise generated by the host computer when the Win7 system starts up.

One reason, most current computer CPU cooler fan are installed, the computer after a period of time, CPU cooling fan will accumulate a lot of dust, the fan rotates fan operation when the dust hindered, noise is generated.

The method is to clean the CPU fan dust, and then drop a few drops of sewing machine oil into the fan bearing. It is impossible to replace the fan.

Cause 2, the graphics card fan has a lot of dust accumulation or the graphics card aging will also produce noise,

As with the above operation method, you can directly replace the new fan.

Reason 3, the hard disk will age for a long time, and it will make a sound, but the sound from the hard disk is not very big.

There is no complete solution to the sound of the hard disk. If you feel unbearable, you can only replace the hard disk.

The above is the reason and treatment method for the noise generated by the computer host under the Win7 system. According to the above method, I believe that the computer host will no longer be so loud.

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