What should I do if the Win7 desktop icon becomes a Word file and the suffix is ​​lnk?


Win7 desktop icons have all become Word files and the suffix is ​​named lnk. I believe that there are not many friends who encounter desktop icons. Most people have no clue about this. No matter whether it is restarting or anti-virus, it can't be solved. This type of icon problem can be solved with just one command.

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Specific operation method:

First, in the Win7 desktop start menu, call up the run dialog box, and then enter the %appdata%microsoft emplates command Then, in the pop-up interface, delete the normal file.

Second, the system then in Win7 Explorer, choose to end the Explorer.exe process, and then re-run Explorer.exe process, so that you can get rid of the abnormal problem Win7 desktop icon of the .

If you have a similar problem, you can use the above method to solve it, and solve the problem easily, quickly and efficiently. Of course, maybe you have other more brilliant methods, and welcome to share with us.

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