Win7 start menu can not find the "run" command?


Friends who have used WinXP system know, click on the start menu bar, there is a "run" command, enter some content in it can check or display the corresponding The service box, which greatly improved the efficiency of our use of the computer, and how to get to the Win7 system, the "Run" command of the start menu is gone? How many new friends can not find it? Xiaobian to tell everyone how to quickly open the "Run" command.

In the Win7 system, the "Run" command is not displayed on the "Start" menu. The search box on the Start menu provides many of the same features as the Run & rdquo; command. However, if you need to, you can still use the “Run” command. You can even add it to the Start menu for easy access.

Add the "Run" command to the Start menu:

1. Click on the "Start" button, then "Control Panel", “Appearance and Personalization ” and “Taskbar and Start Menu”Open “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”.

2. Click the “Start menu” tab, then click “Customize”.

3. In the Start menu option list, select the “Run command” checkbox and click “OK”. The &runquo;Run” command will appear to the right of the Start menu.

In this way, your system becomes Win7 and WinXP as you start out on the menu bar more than a & ldquo; run & rdquo; button. By the way, I will tell you a quicker trick. Whenever you want to use the "Run" command, just tap the Windows logo key +R, & ldquo; Run & rdquo; window will pop up automatically, get used to Then you will definitely feel faster and better than the mouse operation.

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