Explore those settings for reinstalling Windows 7 systems


In Microsoft's various systems, win7 system can be said to be used by many users, so in the face of win7 reloading will be more and more, then in the process of reinstalling win7 system, users need to pay attention to which What about the matter? What other things can't be ignored? Let's explore together.

First, Windows 7 system "Check for updates" settings

Windows 7 system "Check for updates" setting items is more critical for users, because just reloaded The system is relatively pure, but it is also the system with the least number of bug updates and patches. This setting is especially important.

In order for the system to meet the updated requirements, we need to understand and make certain settings. The method is to enter the search at the beginning & ldquo; automatic update & rdquo; above, click on the searched item.

In an important update drop-down menu, select the appropriate user habits item, the system in case of default, will be recommended to the user & ldquo; automatically install updates & rdquo; function, it was suggested This option is reserved for the new system. In addition, there are user-friendly settings that users can choose by themselves, and users can choose according to their needs. Previous123Next page Total 3 pages

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