Open Aero effects under Win 7? Teach you to easily get a trick


The Aero Diagnostics and Repair Tool in Windows 7 makes it easy to identify and resolve issues related to transparency and other visual effects. But if in some cases this tool can't do anything, but today Xiaobian will explain the method of Aero effect under Windows 7 for everyone. Those who have encountered this problem can check it out.

1. Open Computer Properties -> Click “Score Computer Performance” -> A few minutes will display the score values ​​of the main hardware.

2, In fact, the Aero effect of Win7 will be automatically turned on, but the best display driver must be installed!

3, just installed and play windows7 system, the display drive is not the best at this time , you need to use the drive of life or the driver wizard to update the driver

4, driver updates, and restart the system display screen is the brightest degree, this time you click on the desktop & ldquo; personalized - & gt!; Customize Window Color -> Color and Appearance dialogs can be seen "Allow transparency" > -> That is the Aero effect of Win7 is turned on!

5, another can also open the control panel -> ; Select Graphics Control Panel -> Set Display Performance!

So Aero is turned on!

Windows Aero can be used with compatible graphics adapters and run Home Premium, Business, Ultimate Or an enterprise version of Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers that bring a new look to your computer. Windows Aero provides a high-quality user experience that makes it easy for you to see and process information, and provides a smoother, more stable desktop experience, hoping to bring you a more enjoyable Windows 7 experience.

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