Operate Windows 7 Recycle Bin in the taskbar notification area


Many people don't like to put any icons on the desktop. They use cool desktop software to store all the usual icons, or just use the Windows 7 taskbar. Of course, you need to modify the Windows 7 taskbar.

Today, Windows 7 Home recommends a gadget, only a few dozen K, named MiniBin. The role is to give you a small icon in the taskbar notification area, for convenient operation of the recycle bin and open the recycle bin and so on.

This MiniBin software function is relatively simple. Of course, no matter what kind of software, thank you and respect the author's efforts. Let's take a look at the screenshots ——

As shown above: With this small icon, you can directly operate the recycle bin.

There is also a flaw here. When the recycle bin is empty, this empty command should be grayed out.

If there is something in your recycle bin, then this icon will be another red icon, if it is empty, it will be a green icon.

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