How much is the 9.6 change of the external screen of Tsinghua Tongfang’s tablet computer


Tsinghua Tongfang's Tablet
9.6 change the external screen about how much money

Normally it is about 300, of course, what tablet is also. Changing the screen is really not worth it.

It should be about 400, it is better to change the tablet

It takes about 500 yuan

It is better to change the tablet directly

Block money

Basically, the screen is not in the screen now, because the money for the screen change is almost the same as you changed, we are here 310 about. - A helpful team from 360 Le Bang Daren. Your evaluation is to improve and affirm me. If it is correct, please praise it in time; if it is not correct, please correct it in time; if not, please ask in time. hope it helps you.

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