Why u disk can't be displayed on my computer, in other tools can


Why u disk can't be displayed on my computer, other tools can be

Follow the steps below to try and solve the problem.

1, USB interface damage, poor contact will cause the U disk to use an abnormality, you can try a USB interface, the desktop is inserted into the host after the interface to try.

2. Insert the computer, there is an icon in the lower right corner, and the drive is not displayed.

Win key + R, enter diskmgmt.msc Enter, in the disk list, if you see the U disk just inserted, and the status is good, proceed as follows:

1 No drive letter, U disk right--Change drive name and path--Reassign an unused drive letter.

2 With a drive letter, double-click the U disk drive letter. You can also reassign a drive letter to rebuild the default value of the drive.

3, plug in the computer, nothing happens.

13.0 interface, the system may not support, can not drive.

2Win key + R, enter devmgmt.msc Enter - Universal Serial Bus controller (or other device), check if there is a yellow exclamation mark or question mark. The exclamation mark drives the problem; the question mark cannot be driven.

The above problem, 360 software housekeeper installed "drive life USB treasure box" to repair the USB driver. If the repair is not successful, install Motherboard
, try the chipset driver.

Installing the motherboard driver on the computer

Reinstalling the USB driver

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