What is the computer often disconnected from the network? Please help me solve the problem


What is the computer often disconnected from the network? Please help me solve the problem

This prompt is no driver. Your disconnected network should be caused by network instability. Detect equipment and wiring, and if you have problems with the equipment, contact your network provider for repair.

The following processing attempts to solve the problem of game
dropped. For reference <``

1, system partition, game installation partition disk check error. Ctrl+Shift+Esc--file--Ctrl+mouse click "New (built) task"; type chkdsk /f x in black window: Enter, x means drive letter, pay attention to replace. If prompted to schedule a next reboot to check this volume? Select "y" and restart your computer for inspection.

2, virtual memory view or settings. Win key + R, enter sysdm.cpl Enter - Advanced - Performance - Settings - Advanced - Change - Custom size - Initial size, maximum: 2900, 5800 (2G memory 3400, 6800, XP It is 2046, 4092; 8G and above does not need to be too large) - set, always "OK" to restart the computer.

3, in the local connection (or Ethernet) attribute, the preferred and alternate DNS of the TCP/IP4 protocol are set by 4 114 and 4 8 respectively (or obtained by using the 360 ​​"DNS Preferred" tool test) Can be replaced from time to time. For example, if the
connection, the DNS option is the same.

4, network card configuration adjustment. Win key + R, enter devmgmt.msc Enter - network adapter - double click on the network card device:

Advanced (wired) - environmental energy saving: off; connection speed and duplex mode: 10/100 Mb < u>ps

Management (Wired) - Allows the computer to turn off this device to save Power
: Uncheck it.

Advanced (Wireless) - Power Management: Noisy environment.

5, open 360 manual service, enter the "Internet abnormal" search program, select "web page can not open", "web page loading slow", "web game can not play" program repair.

6, implementation of 360 security guards: system repair (conventional repair), computer cleanup.

7, implementation of 360 security guards: LSP repair, diagnostic LSP protocol (if no abnormalities do not fix).

8, network instability, delay, dropped other reference:

1 network cable aging, poor crystal head contact, the pressure line is not easy to find the break, etc., often leads to the network One of the main causes of instability, delay, and network disconnection sometimes appears to be on and off when the network cable is touched. Plug in the network cable, re-press the crystal head, replace the network cable to solve.

2 NICs, routers, and cats occasionally experience suspended animation.

NIC: Restart your computer or disable/enable local connection. Try to reinstall or upgrade the NIC driver if necessary.

Routers, cats: cut off the mains, then power up after a few minutes.

3360 Security Guard "Traffic Firewall": View access to network program traffic usage.

LAN protection - to prevent frequent network dropped, IP conflicts, increased delay, network speed instability and other issues caused by network attacks.

Flood Control Network - Discover suspicious devices in the LAN and solve the problem of being picked up.

4 Reset the Winsock directory. Ctrl+Shift+Esc--File--Ctrl+Mouse Click on “New (Build) Task”; in the black window, type netsh winsock reset.


Firmware is unstable router

If there is no problem with the computer, wif is powered off Experiment, if you still can't squander the factory settings, reset the account password, it is possible to solve the problem of network disconnection.

Please use 360 ​​Internet Acceleration +360 Broken Network First Aid Kit.

It is best to have other equipment to detect if the cat is really no problem, then you can reinstall the system

The network is not good, you have to update

The people who look for telecommunications say that my family often breaks the net, let people see See

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