Win7 system comes with a firewall to open the shutdown method

and XP like Win7 also comes with a firewall, but in most cases we can not use, the firewall turned on may organize some of the software we use, causing inconvenience, let us look at See how to completely shut down the Win7 firewall, how to solve the problem after the shutdown is automatically turned on. 1. In the control panel, set the firewall to close to the control panel - Windows Firewall. Select the left side of the Windows Firewall to turn the Windows Firewall on or off. In the next window, select the Close Windows Firewall (not recommended) option, and then click OK. Just fine. 2. Disable the firewall service Right-click on the calculation in the Start menu, select Manage, in the Service category, find Windows Firewall and choose Stop. 3. Turn off the firewall completely in the advanced options. Enter the firewall in the Search Programs and Files dialog box in the Start menu and go to the Advanced Security Windows Firewall section. In the dialog that opens, select the Windows Firewall Properties item. In the Firewall Status field, select Close.
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