Vista system copy file speed is very slow how to do


Newly installed Windows Vista (non-SP1 version, hereinafter referred to as Vista) users know that copying files in Vista is extremely slow, whether it is on the LAN or in the local copy, moving files are slow. Master Dong believes that especially when copying large files, this slowness is unacceptable to many users. For a long time, it has been showing "calculating the remaining time". If you copy a lot of small files, the calculation time is even longer than the copy time. What is the reason why Vista copy files are so slow, and how to solve such problems? Here are a few simple and feasible methods for everyone. According to the actual measurement, the file copying speed can be increased by about 25% after the following three acceleration settings. On the author's computer, copying 597MB files takes 32 seconds before acceleration and 24 seconds after acceleration. Copy the 1.77GB file, which takes 90 seconds before acceleration and 70 seconds after acceleration.

First, patch the system

We know that the Microsoft operating system will periodically release system patches to solve the current operating system vulnerabilities and other problems. The slow copying of Vista files has caused Microsoft paid attention to it and released the corresponding patch to solve this problem, just install this patch. The patch released by Microsoft is "KB931770", users can upgrade the patch using the "Windows Update" option on the "Start" menu. Or use the search engine to find the download address of the patch, manually download and install, after the patch is installed, you will find that the file copying speed has been accelerated, and the file copy and move operation progress bar under Vista is almost immediately started.

Tip: This patch is also integrated in Vista SP1 and can be installed directly.

Second, close "remote differential compression"

Vista file replication is slow, the root cause is that Vista system always has "remote differential compression" function, and this function is mainly used for file transfer in LAN However, there is no effect on copying files on this machine, and it affects the speed of copying. Therefore, just turn off this function to solve the problem of slow copying.

Open "Start → Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features", in the window that opens, click the "Open or Close Windows Function" option on the left, in the pop-up window, drag the slider To the bottom, we can see the "remote differential compression" option, just cancel this option and restart the computer. After that, you will find that file copying is greatly accelerated.

Tip: In addition to the above methods, you can also turn off the indexing service of Vista system to speed up file copying. The indexing service is turned on by default, which affects the running speed of the system. Usually, users do not use this function, so they can be turned off. The specific operation is to select any NTFS format partition, right click, select "Properties" from the pop-up menu, in the window that opens, under the "General" option, uncheck "Create index of this drive for faster search" Click "OK", you will be prompted whether to use the sub-folder, select "Yes", you will find that the file copy speed is significantly faster.

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