How to solve the request timeout when Win7 computer Ping DNS


1. When using the “ping” command to judge the smooth flow of the DNS server, when the “request timeout” phenomenon occurs, we first need to check the line to ensure the router, Moden, hub, and switch. The interfaces of the network card are plugged in reliably, and the network cable is intact.

2, in the case of ensuring that the hardware circuit and equipment are connected correctly, we take the following methods to check the fault one by one: first enter the MSDOS interface, execute the command "Ping" to judge the machine and the router (Gateway) connectivity, when no timeout occurs, it indicates that the line connection is correct.

3. When one of the DNS fails to access the "Ping" command, we can try to change other DNS. For specific information about the DNS address, you can consult with and obtain the local telecommunications carrier. The valid DNS is then entered into the IP protocol and used as the preferred DNS.

4, of course, we can also use public DNS, such as Telecom's or to try to connect.

5. Another important cause of DNS request timeout failure is packet loss caused by carrier server overload. For this kind of situation, we need to avoid the rush hour of the Internet, and wait for the BT and other download operations during the low Internet period.

6, In addition, the computer is not able to properly ping Ping DNS, a major reason is related to the system, it is recommended to perform a full-scale anti-virus treatment on the system, or important installation of the operating system, which is important for improving access to the DNS. effect. Or it is more effective to optimize the network by using related programs such as network optimization.

7, we can also use the 360 ​​security guards in the "run firewall" to improve the security of the LAN. We need to open the "ARP Protection", "Automatically Bind Gateway", "IP Conflict Interception" and "External ARP Attack Intercept" items.

8. When it is not certain that the DNS ping will not work or the network is unstable, we can use the “safety first aid box” provided by 360 Security Guard to diagnose the entire network. Find out the problem of not being able to access the Internet.

9. Finally, click the “Remove Now” button to complete the network repair operation to ensure the normal operation of the network.

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