How to set the default browser in Win7


First, set in the browser web page:

1. Set the 360 ​​browser:

Open the [Tools] menu---Open [Options], open the [Options] dialog In the box, open the [Programs] tab, check the default browser options, check the [Check if it is the default browser at startup] check box, click the [OK] button to set the 360 ​​browser as the default browser, close the dialog frame.

2, IE browser settings:

Open the [Tools] menu---[Internet Options], open the [Internet Options] dialog box, open the [Programs] tab, check [Check if Internet Explorer is the default browser] check box, click the [OK] button to set IE as the default browser and close the dialog box.

3, for other browser settings:

Other browsers are basically set up like this, most of them are from the [Tools] menu, slowly look at each sub-menu can basically Find the setting as the default browser!

Set from the computer registry:

1. Click “Start”→Open“Run”→Enter regedit, open registration Table editor.

2, find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOThttpshellopencommand, double-click "Default" in the right window, you will use the full path of the browser's executable file to enter here, for example, set IE as the default browser: input is "ld"; C: Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”.

3, then find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOThttpshellopenddeexecApplication, double-click "Default" in the right window, set the browser name, if it is 360se, enter 360se, if it is cheetah, enter the cheetah.

Second, from the computer control panel settings:

First enter the computer desktop from the lower left corner, open "ldquo; control panel", open “ add or remove programs & rdquo;, then open “ Set the program to access the default value, and finally select the custom, as shown in Figure 1, in the figure, you can find a default browser in the customization, if you need to set the IE browsing to the default browser, select “ Intelnet Explorer ” If you want to set other, choose other ones. If there are multiple browsers installed in the computer, we can choose other settings, as shown in Figure 2.

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