Win7 system laptop how to connect wifi online free network cable cumbersome


How to connect wifi to win7 system laptop to avoid the network cable 赘

1. When the computer just opened, the position in the lower right corner, the position pointed by the arrow is like this, we click, it will pop up A small window;

2, select the name of your wireless network, and then click on the connection, note that there is an automatic connection option on the left, it is recommended to check, if this network will automatically help you connect later, do not use Enter the password again;

3, after clicking the connection, a window will pop up, let you enter the key of the network, enter the wireless network password you set up, I will only do the demonstration here, just enter it. If you do not set a password, this window will not appear, you can connect directly. Of course, it is recommended to set a password to prevent others from stealing the net;

4. When the icon becomes the position indicated by the arrow Indicates that you are connected to the Internet;

5. If there is no connection, if there is an error, right click, open Network and Sharing Center, select Change Adapter Settings; Br>

6. Find the wireless network connection, then right click, select Disable, then right click again, select Enable, and then reconnect.

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