Win7 original system iso image installation method

win7 original system iso image installation method

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Recommended reason: installation system process only 5-8 minutes, suitable for new and old models, integrated common hardware drivers, intelligent identification + pre-decompression technology, most hardware can quickly and automatically install the corresponding driver. With WinPE micro operating system and common partitioning tools, DOS tools, installed backup and maintenance is easy and worry-free, integrating the most commonly used office, entertainment, maintenance and beautification tools, commonly used software in one stop.

The installation steps of the original iso u disk of win7 are as follows:

Installation Precautions: Before installing the system, please pay attention to the important data on the backup C drive. The system reinstall will reset the C drive. Transfer your profile in advance and back up your hardware drivers.

1. Insert the created win7 to start the U disk. Press F12, F11, Esc and other shortcut keys when restarting, select the recognized U disk option, press the Enter key;

2 After booting from the U disk, enter the original win7 installation interface, select the system language and input method, the next step;

3. Click “Install Now” in this interface and accept the license agreement;

4, installation type selection & ldquo; custom (advanced) & rdquo;;

5, select the location to install the system, the following picture is partition 1, click & ldquo; format & rdquo;, click next;

6, in this interface to execute win7 system installation process, the installation process will be restarted multiple times;

7, then the final configuration of the system, enter the following interface, enter the user name such as system city , the next step;

8, finally enter the win7 desktop, it means the installation is complete;

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