Win7 system blue screen failure 0x0000007f how to solve


1, download [blue screen code viewer], enter the corresponding code to check it, after investigation, the reason for this blue screen error code is:

After investigation, the reason for this blue screen error code is: code: 0x0000007f Cause: The specified program could not be found.

1Because there is no prompt to specify who can't find the specified program, it is difficult to determine the position.

2 In addition to this, there are comprehensive solutions and suggestions on how to solve the blue screen finder.

2. If the log is selected by default before the blue screen, you can view it from the event viewer (eventvwr.msc).

3, before, be sure to click the system failure record option, otherwise the blue screen can not record blue screen events (may be optimized):

Control Panel → System & Rarr; Advanced & Rarr; Startup and failure recovery → system failure → check the event is written to the system log → OK.

4, real case: query windows log → there is a source of error in the application is RasClient event ID20227. Lenovo has always had a network anomaly recently. After checking the 3a30cd54-c21b-4b82-962a-5856fdb9c7-21-15.dll in the C drive, it is estimated that viruses, Trojans and other unscrupulous people are working. Because the normal dynamic chain is in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder.

5, the solution: press the F8 key to enter the security mode to comprehensively check the anti-virus, the problem can be solved.

6. Error Analysis:

Generally caused by faulty hardware (such as memory) or some software. Sometimes overclocking will also produce this error.

7. Solution:

Check the memory with the detection software (eg Memtest86).

If overclocking is done, cancel overclocking, unplug the PCI hardware card from the motherboard slot, or replace the slot. In addition, some motherboards (such as the nForce2 motherboard) after overclocking, the south bridge chip overheating will also lead to a blue screen. At this time, adding a heat sink separately for the chip can effectively solve the problem.

8, in addition, you can also go to the knowledge base of Microsoft's official website to check the relevant information, compare, identify, find a solution.

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