Win7 system to convert PPT presentations into video


Win7 system to convert PPT presentation into video

The specific steps are as follows:

1, first start any version of Microsoft PowerPoint;

2, open any A presentation or making any presentation (brief);

3. Next we need to prepare the video: find it in the “Slide Show” tab. “Record slides” & rdquo; Demo, and select “ start recording (S) from the beginning, then, will ask what to record, the first item (slide and animation timing) must be selected, and the second item, (narration and laser pointer) If you need to record some gestures (such as writing a note on a slide for commenting) or recording, select it, otherwise leave it unchecked;

4. If it has already been recorded, then we will enter the file. ”-“Save and send ”-“create video”, if you have just not recorded content, you can choose to "do not use recorded content and narration", and you can choose to switch each slide Interval Inter (default 5.00 seconds), if you record too, you'll find more than a & ldquo; use your recordings and narration & rdquo; (please do not select this change slide show in seconds). At the same time we can choose the resolution (not recommended for change.) If you are ready, you can click "Create Video" to generate.

5, the creation time is relatively long, if you think that the time is too long, you can compress the video quality and try again.

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