How to set Win7 into English


How to change Chinese into English system? We installed Win7 system is generally Chinese version by default, then how to replace Win7 Chinese into English system, the following small series will bring you To Win7 to replace Chinese with English system tutorial, I hope to help everyone.

1. Click on “Computer” in the main interface of the computer, as shown in the figure:

2. Click “Open Control Panel”, as shown in the figure:

3. Then click on the clock, language and area below "Change display language", as shown in the figure:

4. Click "Install/Uninstall Language" to perform related installation. Note that you need to restart the computer at this time. , as shown in the figure:

5. After installing and restarting the computer, return to the previous interface, click <;Manage”-“Change the system locale", as shown in the figure:

6. Then Click the menu drop-down option under the current system locale, select English or other language you want to set, click OK, as shown in the figure:

The above is the Win7 for everyone to change the Chinese to English system Tutorial.

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