What if Win7 Wireless Wifi cannot be connected?


What should I do if Win7 Wireless Wifi cannot be connected? When we are ready to access a Wifi, we can find out how we can't even get in. What should we do? Generally, the problem is basically due to the fact that the WiFi password is incorrect, and the WiFi record and router saved in Win7 are in the router. Does not match ”, & ldquo; router restrictions /rdquo; caused by three points! The following small series will give you a separate solution.

Fault Cause 1: WiFi password is incorrect

When the Win7 laptop is connected to WiFi, if the WiFi password used is incorrect, then it is definitely not possible to connect to WiFi.


Please check if the WiFi password you filled in Win7 is correct.

Note: When the notebook keypad is turned on, it will also have an effect. Close the “keypad” before entering the password.

Fault Cause 2: Restrictions in the router

The router can restrict the computer on the LAN to access the Internet. If the router is enabled, "Online Control", "Parent Control", “ Wireless MAC address filtering & other functions, there will be problems with Win7 laptops not connected to WiFi.


We only need to go to the router to turn these functions off. Different wireless routers have different setup interfaces. We can log in to the router to find related functions (generally displayed as “Internet Control” and “Security Settings”). Can't find it, you can restore your wireless router to factory settings, and then reset the router to go online, you can solve the problem. (router reset factory settings)

Fault Cause 3: The WiFi record saved in Win7 does not match the router


1. Locate the desktop. Network & rdquo; icon, then right mouse button, select “ Attributes;;

2, or right click on the network icon in the lower right corner of the screen, select “ Network and Sharing Center & rdquo;;

3. On the Network and Sharing Center page, click <;Manage Wireless Network>;

4. On the “Manage Wireless Network” page, find the name of the wifi hotspot you need to delete, then mouse Right-click and select “Delete Network>;

5. In the pop-up dialog box, click “Yes>;

6. Re-search for wireless, connect, enter the latest password Can be solved.

The above is the introduction of the three fault causes and solutions for the win7 system Wifi can not be connected, friends with this problem can self-check the reasons, according to the corresponding solution to solve the problem!

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