Win7 can not open the event viewer how to solve?


The event viewer is equivalent to the computer log. You can see the daily computer hardware software and the information about the system running problems. It also records the security events that appear in the Windows system. However, many small partners say that they are not playing. Open the event viewer, what is the reason? Let Xiaobian bring everyone together to solve this problem.

Solving the Win7 system's "Event Viewer" steps that cannot be started

1. Double-click the desktop 'Computer> to open the Explorer, according to the path <C:/Windows/system32/logfiles/wmi” Locate the directory under the RTbackup” folder, right-click the pop-up menu and select “Properties”, click on the “Security” tab, and view the “Group or User Name”, which may If there is no SYSTEM user, then continue to click “Edit” to open the “RTbackup Permissions” dialog box;

2. In the “RTbackup Permissions” dialog box, create a new “SYSTEM”; User, in the pop-up permission window, click “ Add & rdquo;, then in the "Select User or Group" window, enter "ldquo;SYSTEM" into the "Enter the object name to select (example)" In the box, click OK to return to the permissions window;

3. In the permission window, under "SYSTEM permission", set “full control" ”;

4, click on the "Windows Security" window pop-up; click "OK";

5, start the computer, and then restart Windows Event Log service can be found, the event viewer can be re-opened.

The above is the Win7 system can not open the event viewer solution, through the above steps, Win7 can successfully open the event manager.

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