How to solve the Win7 system computer open U disk does not display the document


Solution one:

1, open a folder, click "Tools" & mdash; “ folder options & rdquo; & mdash; “View”, select “show all files and folders”, then remove the <quo;hide the extension of the known file type” option. Finally click on the app.

2, find a compressed file in .rar format, the new one is also OK, then double-click to open it, and then click the up button, go to my computer directory, double-click the U disk, you can see All your own documentation.

3, all the contents of the folder can be extracted, double-click the compressed document in the .rar format to open a folder just seen, select the file except "ldquo;..." Clip, then press “ctrl+c”, well. Create a new folder on the desktop, open it, and then press “ctrl+v”, just the contents of the folder are copied. Others can be copied accordingly.

Solution 2:

1. First, we click on any disk, such as C disk.

2, right click, select properties, select the hardware bar, you can see USB … …, click to select it,

3, point properties, click the volume option click import After that, we can see the file that takes up the capacity. We use the backup of WINDOWS to back up the entire U disk to the hard disk. After using the restore function and restore to the hard disk, we can COPY the file and OK.

Solution 3: Open the Run dialog box, then enter attrib -s -h -r G:*.* /s /d (G drive is the drive letter of your u drive), press Enter.

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