Why didn't my computer host start a screen and didn't respond?


Why did my computer host start a screen and it doesn't respond?

Unplug the memory stick and check the gold finger.

Check if the link is correct, is the line wrong?

Try the cable

1. Reason analysis, what is the reason? 11.1 Why does the computer host boot normally, and the display
has no reaction? Monitor
Normal, the monitor is powered normally. The possible cause is a problem with the connection between the memory card slot and the memory module.

2. Solution, what should I do? 2.1 Open the mainframe of the computer with a screwdriver, 2.2 Find the location of the memory module on the motherboard
, and unplug the memory module. 2.3 Use a brush to clean the dust inside the memory card slot. 2.4 Use an eraser to wipe the gold finger part of the memory module. Note, be sure to square the memory module to prevent the memory module from being damaged. If 52.5 is not available, replace the memory module with a new memory. Slot. 62.6 I hope to help everyone, if you can't help everyone, I hope to forgive me! ! !

Looking to adopt.

If there is no problem with the connection, it should be a problem with the display.

Check the hard drive connection loosely plugged

If the light is on, it is the case of the chassis.

Perhaps the power cable is not plugged in, the display switch is not turned on; perhaps the motherboard memory There is a problem (no alarm), please check the processing.

Checking is not a problem with graphic card
, sometimes the memory is not plugged in.

The line is wrong.

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