What should I do if the Win7 system document directory refuses to access normally?

When we use the system downloaded by win7 Ultimate, we often have some problems when using some documents, such as the case that the documents and settings are not accessible, in the temporary folder or in the configuration file. There are a lot of important information about our computer, so if the documentsand settings directory can not be accessed normally, it is still more troublesome because there may be important documents to be found, what should we do if we encounter such problems, below we Just take a look at the solution!
1, first we need to find the documents and settings file directly in the computer, we can directly search this file, then right click to see the property settings inside, click on it.
2, then we open the property window, open the security tab inside, open to find the advanced button click to open, and then use the left mouse button to open, this time the advanced settings window will open, we Need to choose a name, a new name.
3, we can choose a name at will, and then open the permissions tab window, see there are a lot of permissions options, then we choose to reject the option project to delete, and then shut down and restart the computer, as shown.
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