Win7 blue screen appears 0x0000005A error code repair method

            Cause one: USB mouse or USB device compatibility causes
You can unplug the mouse before booting (wireless can unplug the USB receiver), and some USB peripherals, then turn it on again, if it is normal, replace the device.

Reset your BIOS to factory settings, then power on;
Soft clear: Press DEL to enter BIOS, then press F9 to select YES, then press F10 to select YES to save and restart .
Hard Clear: Locate the clear BIOS jumper on the motherboard to operate.
Reason three: Missing SYS driver file
Write down the sys file damaged or blue screen, Win7 into WinPE, copy a copy on the normal computer, overwrite to the same folder, if not, it will be damaged The sys driver file is deleted and re-entered into the system.

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