Win7 computer connected to the USB device always prompted to install the driver failed?

USB device, which is the external device of our win7 64-bit Ultimate download system. This device is used very frequently in our daily operations, such as our U disk, mobile hard disk, external optical drive, and printer. Etc. These are all USB devices, and they are some of the more frequently used devices. In general, we use USB devices in the win7 Ultimate computer is very simple, as long as it can be directly plugged into the USB interface of the win7 Ultimate computer, but recently, users who use the win7 Ultimate computer consulted that their own After the USB device is plugged in, there is a prompt to install the driver failure. How do we solve this problem? Below, Xiaobian will introduce it in detail!
1. First, let's return to the desktop of win7 Ultimate PC. Location, after that, we find the computer icon on the desktop and click on the email. In the slide down menu that appears, let's select the device manager option.
2. In the device manager window of the open win7 Ultimate computer, we find the USB device with the exclamation mark in the left pane, then right click and select update driver. Note that you cannot select automatic search here. To choose a location to install, then change the address to c:\\windows\\winsxs in the file selection.
3. There will be an early warning prompt, that is, you are installing an unsigned file, etc., we choose to continue loading, waiting for completion.

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