Win7 system boot error svchost.exe how to deal with it?

win7 system often encounters some problems in the process of use, that is, it will also be encountered when booting. When the boot is encountered, the error message is displayed as svchost.exe prompt. What should happen if such a boot error occurs? Actually this The error that occurs when booting is that the configuration program MSCONFIG needs to be fixed. We can fix it to see if it can solve this problem. Then Xiaobian will share this method for you today!
The specific solution is as follows:
1 First, everyone open the run window, use the shortcut key win+R to pop up the open run window, you can open it in the start menu, and then write the msconfig enter key in the input window;
2, open In the settings window we click into the boot options tab, and then the options inside disable these startup items;
3, if we set the startup items can not be resolved, then enter the service tag and then disable the option windows Driver Foundati On-user-mode FrameWork service can be.
4, after you disable this service, save the application close window, restart the computer to see if it has been resolved.
win7 system boot error svchost.exe solution Xiaobian will share with you here, if you have encountered such a situation, you may wish to try to share the solution steps for everyone to share, I hope to help everyone For more system tutorials, please pay attention to our website.

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