After Windows 7 boot, the screen performance of black screen is reduced.

I believe everyone has encountered Windows7 booting into the welcome interface, it will be black screen, then after 1 second, it will appear suspended in the desktop (the desktop is half white), after a few seconds Restored again.

open the IE browser when the QQ chat when playing the game ......

which in the end is the bother of curse it?

Many people know Windows7 desktop effects will fully open system performance degradation, that in the end the situation which led to the effects of it?


Right computer, Advanced System Settings - Performance - Settings - turn off the "Taskbar and Start Menu animation" and "maximize and minimize dynamic display window" can be solved . Alternatively, you can set the best performance and turn off the glass effect.

In fact, due to the general user base does not use Win7 Ultimate features in vain for some services and software systems occupy our memory and hard drive, it is recommended that you use the Home Premium Windows7, pay attention, be sure to use pure The original version of the 喔.
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