Win 7 skills: horizontally tiled, tiled vertically, stacked windows

        I have a lot of windows, I want to tile or layer some of them. Minimizing them in recovery first, then selecting from the menu in the taskbar is too cumbersome. . . There is a better way. .

in Windowsxp and Vista when holding down the CTRL-click on the task bar of the window, select the "Cascade Windows" or other options to get. No matter how many windows you want to stack or tile. .

Note: This trick has been fully included in StupidGeekTricks: SelectMultipleWindowsontheTaskbar

Windows7, this feature has been removed, for this snapshot preview

Aero thing. For two windows, just move the window to both sides of the screen and you can half screen. There is no doubt that Windows 7 is a pretty feature. . . But how do you want to tile vertically? What if there are more than two windows?

so you can open the Task Manager, many ways, I personally prefer the shortcut

hold down CTRL to select the window you want

right-click and select Tile Horizontally , vertical tiling, cascading windows, and more.

it is so!

Ctrl + Shift + Esc
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