Experience win7 Media Center functions in (2)

can create and edit reusable slide

in Vista Media Center slide show function can only be used to quickly view the current folder. In Windows 7, we can select the images and music we want, change the order of the files, and create slides that need to be edited and repeated.

The process is similar to creating a music playlist. WMC will automatically help us synchronize music and pictures, we can also burn slides into DVD.

view your favorite image

Windows7 added a new option to play your favorite image. To use this feature, you can rate pictures in WMC or other Microsoft applications (Windows Media Player or Windows Live Photo Gallery). To level a picture in WMC, right click on the item and select Star Rating.

remember, but also to open the task - & gt; Settings - & gt; image - & gt; favorite image, the selection criteria you want to use, then save it. To start playback, you can open Image + Video - > Play your favorite files. Then the selected image will be displayed in the screen saver, the screen saver automatically to black and white photos of way scrolling pictures on the screen, and periodically zoom in on a picture to enlarge and restore its color

listen to favorite music

the same token, we can also assess favorite music star. Open the task -> Settings -> Music -> Favorite music, select the desired item, save the changes. To enable playback, you can open the music -> play your favorite files. We can play your favorite music and pictures at the same time.

custom sports

Vista in WMC provides a powerful motion module (Sportsmodule), but Windows7 version of this feature seems to be even better, because it allows us to choose The amount of display of club information can now also allow us to pay attention to some of the leading clubs.

Although at first glance, Windows7 media center and the previous version of the same, but in fact, Microsoft adds many improvements to it. The Windows 7 version of WMC is based on some very good performance in Vista and adds a lot of improvements to these features. We will wait and see if this new operating system is being used, if you are still using Windowsxp system to quickly replace it.
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