Teach you how to get Windows XP with Windows 7 Start Menu Tips

        Vistart is a green software with only 512KB. The small capacity is not simple. After the software is running, after a short wait, you can see that the icon from the start menu of XP has become the same as Windows 7, and after clicking the menu to expand, it is the Windows 7 menu with translucent effect. Since

Windows7 launch has been well received by the majority of users, it is not just improvements in functionality, it also includes special effects Areo gorgeous interface. However, not all users have installed Windows 7, and many old users have chosen to guard the XP camp. I want Windows XP to use Windows 7 effects, as long as you can use the Vistart software.

In addition, in the text search field below you can search the software interface to the relevant application. The application that the user has recently used is automatically added to the start menu. How about, not bad? Interested in downloading and using it!
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