The computer is not booting properly. Win7 startup repair helps you with

. The computer is like a human being. It often has a "small illness" and a "strike". In all computer problems, the boot error is the most difficult to solve, because the machine can not be opened, can not enter the system, it can not be repaired through Win7 built-in "troubleshooting tool". In this case, most people will choose to use the reload system to solve. In fact, Win7 has a "start repair" function, which can be used to solve the problem of abnormal boot.

Open Win7 Boot Repair Tool

Win7 "Startup Repair" is a recovery tool that can be used to solve some system problems that may prevent Win7 boot. Starting the repair will scan the computer and find the problem. If a startup issue is detected, the startup repair tool will start automatically and try to resolve the issue.

Select recovery method

However, the startup fix can only fix some specific problems, such as system file loss or damage. Startup repair does not fix Windows installation issues or restore personal files.

Win7 system repair

by System Restore, reinstall the system will solve the problem without a computer can not start, do not worry about a sudden can not reinstall the system backup file.
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