Lossless adjustment of VISTA WIN7 partition size with Acronis Disk Director Suite

        My friend bought a new Lenovo notebook and installed the Vista operating system. But the partition of the original machine feels a bit unreasonable. The 120G hard disk has only two CD partitions, and the C partition has only 20G. After installing the operating system, there is not much space in the C partition; therefore, the user is not damaged. In the case, adjust the C partition space. Here, netizens may say it. Adjust the size of the partition, the software is more, use PQ, use the system's own functions, can not adjust the partition? At the beginning, I also plan to use PQ to adjust the partition. But for the sake of insurance, I searched the Internet for a high-speed introduction. I used a lot of PQ to adjust the partition size, which will cause system damage or blue screen. Therefore, I will give PQ to PASS. Finally, I finally found a safe one. The adjustment method, Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 software of Acronis, is simple and intuitive to operate, and can be directly operated under VISTA. Although it is an English interface, it is easy to use because it is simple and clear. Although there is a corresponding operation process on the Internet, the process is relatively simple, so that new users are not easy to get started, so the actual operation process will be explained to facilitate the operation of users. After the file is downloaded, it is about 63M. Double-click the installation under Vista system. (The installation is installed on the C drive by default, so the C drive must have enough space.) The interface is as follows:

Click "Install" Acronis Disk Director Suite is the next step. Since this product is the official version, you need to enter the registration code (the registration code required for the file, which is included after the article), as shown below. After the input is completed, go directly to the next step (NEXT) until The program installation is complete.

After the software installation is complete, you need to restart your computer. At this time, the Acronis Disk Director Suite icon will be installed on the desktop.
After restarting the computer, double-click the connection icon to run the Acronis Disk Director Suite program. The first time you run Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0, you will be prompted to run the software mode, one is Automatic Mode, which is to run in wizard mode, one is manual mode, the user recommends using manual Mode, the actual operation is simpler. As shown below:

Select “Manual Mode Mode”, click OK, enter the program interface, select “Increase Free Space” module in “Winzard” in the toolbar to adjust C disk space or other disk. space. As shown below:

Click to select the “Increase Free Space” module. Since there are only two partitions in this unit, only two partitions and capacity are displayed. To increase the capacity of which partition, which partition to choose. Since we are adding capacity to the C drive, select the C partition, and then click the next step "NEXT", as shown below:

The next step is to select a disk to contribute capacity, depending on your own In the actual situation, try to find a drive letter with a large remaining capacity (note that the remaining space of the disk to be selected must be large, pay attention to the remaining space, the software has already displayed the total capacity of the partition and the remaining capacity information), due to the friend's machine There are only two partitions, then only select the D drive. After selecting it, click the next step "NEXT" as shown below:

The next step is to adjust the capacity of the C drive, according to the remaining space of the partition that paid the space. Size, drag and drop with your mouse according to your needs.
Note: The capacity displayed during adjustment is the total capacity of the adjusted C drive, not the allocated capacity. For a friend's machine, the C drive capacity is 20G, so when adjusting here, adjust to 40G; you can't adjust 20G. If you don't understand, you can adjust it, click the next step "NEXT" to see the actual capacity of the hard disk. If the adjustment is not correct, click "BACK" to return to the adjustment. As shown below:

After the adjustment is completed, click “NEXT” to proceed. At this time, the adjusted space of the C and D disks is displayed. If it is determined, click Finish to complete “Finish”, otherwise click to return to “BACK” to return to the previous step to continue the adjustment. As shown below:

After clicking, Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 will pop up a window, start locking C drive and D drive, lock the hard disk partition, and then return to the main software window.
Click on the software menu bar banner icon, which is the commit command, which means to start execution.

After running the execution command, there will be several prompt interfaces, all of which can be determined. Refer to the following figure:

Software operation is completed After that, you will be prompted to start the computer. Restart the machine, Acronis Disk Director Suite will adjust your partition according to your requirements before entering Window Vista, this will take a while (depending on the size of the space, the time varies). After the adjustment is complete, enter the system and then restart the machine to use it.
1, in the installation and adjustment, it is best to close the useless programs, especially anti-virus programs, to prevent errors.
2, important files should be backed up first, just in case.
3, program registration code:

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